Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Endless Boogie's new Vibe Killer album out May 19 – hear the title track

Endless Boogie's long awaited 4th studio album Vibe Killer – the follow-up to 2013's Long Island –will be released by No Quarter on May 19th. Vibe Killer is the bands first single LP, a concise six track effort recorded at Gary’s Electric in Brooklyn, NY. As on the 2013 album Long Island, Matt Sweeney again joins the Boogie’s core of Marc Razo (bass), Harry Druzd (drums), Jesper Eklow (guitar) and Paul “Top Dollar” Major (guitar).

A special pre-order bundle is available via No Quarter's site which includes an exclusive shirt (with art by Paul Major) and a 12″x24″ screened poster. Listen to the title track “Vibe Killer” followed by what happened when someone told WTF podcaster general Marc Maron about Endless Boogie's Long Island album and he listened to it. Evidently, Marc's been into vinyl for four years now – ever since Dan Cook opened a Los Angeles branch of Gimme Gimme Records on York Blvd in Highland Park.

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