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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shabazz Palaces preview Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star with "Shine A Light"

Check out Shine A Light feat. Thaddillac below. Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star is out July 14 on Sub Pop.

Crazy Strings' Final Hoedown @ The Silver Dollar, Wednesday

Crazy Strings: The Final Hoedown
This will be a one-night-only revival of High Lonesome Wednesday at the Silver Dollar – as part the club's final week before closing May 1 – featuring Toronto's top bluegrass bands.

The legendary weekly bluegrass residency High Lonesome Wednesday ran for 20 years, and featured some of Canada's top roots musicians. Founded by Dan Whiteley and Stef Fantin (1972-2015), the band's members became a rotating collective that, at times included, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Writght, Brian Baron, Dottie Cormier, Victor Bateman, Marc Roy, and for the last 15 years, The Foggy Hogtown Boys. Apart from entertaining thousands of fans over the years, HLW became the centre of what's become an active bluegrass scenes in Toronto, one that rivals any American city or town. The Last Hoedown will celebrate that community by bringing together many of Toronto's top bluegrass bands for a 'one night bluegrass festival". The event is scheduled for Wednesday April 26, the last Wednesday Toronto's historic Silver Dollar will be open and features...

The Foggy Hogtown Boys -
The Unseen Strangers -
The Barrel Boys -
The Hit Pickers -
- plus more special guests tba!

Advance tickets are $13.50 @ Ticketfly - click here

Happy 100th Birthday Ella Fitzgerald

Here are two of Ella's early classics recorded with the Chick Webb Orchestra in the 30s. 

Celebrate 100 years of Ella Fitzgerald with Chicago's New Horizon Ensemble at Remix Lounge Friday. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dead Boys' Cheetah Chrome & Johnny Blitz play Young, Loud & Snotty @ Stop, Drop & Roll, Monday

The event on Monday is now sold out. A second T.O. show has been scheduled for Saturday, April 29th. 

If you couldn't get tickets for the first Toronto show, here are the other stops on the tour:
Tuesday April 25
St. Catherines
Support: The Lucky Ones, The Nasties, The Electric Dead
Wednesday April 26
The Casbah
Support: The Noble Savages, Arson
Thursday April 27
Support: The Rotten, Nasties, The Wormwood Scrubs
Friday April 28
The Station Music Hall
Support: BLACK DONNELLYS, Dirty work, Rapid Tension
Saturday April 29
Stop, Drop & Roll
Support: Cadillacs and Cadavers. 7pm doors

Happy Birthday Joe Henderson

Remembering tenor saxophone titan Joe Henderson on his day with "Fire" off The Elements album from 1974.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Whaddya mean you don't know Pure Hell

Philadelphia's Pure Hell – formed in 1974 – is generally considered to be the first black punk rock band.  
In the late 1970’s. Ian MacKaye and I found out about the Philadelphia area band, Pure Hell. We found their two song single with These Boots Were Made for Walking and No Rules and tripped on how heavy the band looked on the cover. At some point, we were told that the band had made an album length tape that was sitting in a closet somewhere. In the middle of the 1990’s, Welfare Records released these songs, which did indeed exist, on album called Noise Addiction. I was amazed at how great the songs were and wondered why they had stayed unreleased for so long.

In 2016, an acetate of Pure Hell hit eBay. There two songs on it, Wild One and Courageous Cat. Both featured on Noise Addiction but different takes. I was able to secure the record. I played part of Wild One to get levels, then transferred the two songs.

I thought that if I could get the band’s permission, this would be a perfect Record Store Day release. I contacted Kenny Gordon, the band’s vocalist, told him what I wanted to do and waited to see what he had to say. He gave me the green light. I immediately contacted Larry Hardy at In the Red Records because I knew he would get the idea. He came on board immediately.

I went back to Kenny to get some information on the tracks. In 1975, the band recorded six songs at Magnagraphics Enterprise Studio in NYC. The mixes were committed to three two-song acetates. The band lost track of what happened to them as well as the source tapes. Basically, the only way to hear these versions is the acetate.

I figured if these tracks were not released, I was singlehandedly denying any Pure Hell fan the chance to hear the music. Not the thing to do.

We sent the tracks to audio wizard Tim Warren, who was able to bring a lot of sound out of the tracks. Mike Schneider at Welfare Records allowed us to use one of his photos for the cover. Everyone involved waved any monetary income. All profits are going to the band.

Larry and I being vinyl freaks, there are several color variants and they all look really cool. We put all this together to do right by history and rock Record Store Day. Our only intent was to put something great in the bin. This is what it’s all about. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring you this great music. Below is the back cover copy, which will hopefully answer any questions you might have. Thanks,  Henry Rollins

Pure Hell – The 1975 Acetate
Side A - Wild One
Side B - Courageous Cat
Recorded at Magnagraphics Enterprise Studio NYC 1975

Kenny "Stinker" Gordon - Vocals + bass on Wild One
Michael "Spider" Sanders - Percussion.
Preston "Chipper" Morris - Guitars
Lenny "Steal" Boles - Bass

These tracks are two of six that were recorded in the session. The other titles are Pretty Poison, I'm Crawling, Rot in the Doghouse and Cosmic Love.

The session was cut onto three two song acetates, in the A and B side order above. This single is the audio carefully transferred from the actual acetate, the only one we have been able to find so far. I have loved this band for nearly 40 years. The chance to team up with Kenny, Larry and Mike to bring this to you is beyond exciting. Long live Pure Hell. – Henry Rollins

At the time we were unaware that a whole new trend to be coined 'Punk Rock' would evolve as it did. I'm amazed that this acetate resurfaced after being lost along with the other two, and that Henry, and Larry at In The Red Records would be the ones to illuminate it in the 21st century! - Kenny Gordon

Digital transfer – Henry Rollins
Mastering - Tim Warren
Cover photo from the archives of Mike Schneider / Welfare Records
This is a co-release by In the Red Records and 2-13-61 Records

Saturday, April 22, 2017

One For The Weekend: Vanishing Twin

Watch Vanishing Twin's new "Telescope" video below. Grab their new Dream By Numbers 10" EP on RSD. 
Formed in 2015, Vanishing Twin came together to make an exploratory record that marries oblique English pop with a palette of arkestral sounds. Having previously released a string of conceptual cassettes under the name Orlando, founder Cathy Lucas named the group after her vanishing twin, an identical sister absorbed in utero, when they were both still a cluster of cells.

Enlisting the help of producer Malcolm Catto (Heliocentrics, DJ Shadow, The Gaslamp Killer) the band began work on their Choose Your Own Adventure album at his London studio, Quatermass Sound Lab, last spring. Recording the basis for eight tracks, they blended structure and improvisation in pop songs that describe a personal mythology through the adventures of Lucas’ vanished twin. Drawing on sounds outside of the usual pop vocabulary, the group used forgotten drum machines, home-made electronics, vibraphones, tablas, and harp to invoke the esoteric psychedelia of lost soundtracks, radiophonic experiments and minimal music orchestras. In a studio that Catto built for maximum atmosphere and minimum interfere, and crammed with obscure vintage equipment, he brought his own distinctive sonics to the table, informed by outsider jazz, Italian library music and ethnographic field recordings. Watch the video for "Telescope" below. Check out Choose Your Own Adventure right here.

Vanishing Twin is made up of singer Cathy Lucas (Innerspace Orchestra), drummer Valentina Magaletti (Raime, Tomaga, Uuuu, Neon Neon), bassist Susumu Mukai (Zongamin, Floating Points), library music head Phil Joseph (Man From Uranus, Broadcast) on strange sounds, and film maker and visual artist Elliott Arndt on flute and percussion.